derek bobo: what i know about being a dad (so far)

My wife said I should write a post about being a dad. Here goes.

Here's what I think I know about being a dad. You have this little person that is completely dependent on you for their needs. They can't take care of themselves in terms of food, clothing, shelter or the ever so pleasant diaper changes. As it turns out I need most of those same things so providing them for my son doesn't require a lot of extra work.

Being a dad is also one of the most terrifying things. A little person running around the house with curiosity can be dangerous. You might have a hot stove, a glass picture frame in reach, or electrical outlets that look like they need to have something stuck in them. So you make some changes to minimize the risk and you keep an eye on your kid. Again, not that much extra work as long as you're playing an active role.

Then they trip and fall and they look up at you with tears in their eyes and a puckered up lip and it melts your heart. They get sick (hopefully nothing serious) and with every cough or sneeze you ache right along with them and want nothing more than to be able to take their pain away, but you can't. I don't like that part at all. I think realizing that I can't control everything is the hardest part for me.

Do you know what the most important thing I've learned is though? It's that my son teaches me at least as much as I teach him. I forgot how much fun it was to play with a cardboard box and that you don't need expensive toys to have fun, that it's fun just to be outside, that sometimes it's important to do things just to see what happens (what's this button do...?), and that you should always greet your loved ones with a hug and a smile. Everything in life should be looked at with awe and treated like an adventure.

Being a dad isn't all that hard (yet). All you need to do is take care of their needs, be present, encourage, and love them like crazy. Realize that you have every bit as much to gain as they do. You should cherish every moment.

There will of course be some healthy boundaries that will need to be put in place as the little guy gets older, but I think all of the same rules will apply. My wish for him is that he doesn't grow up too fast and he never loses the zest for life.


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