derek bobo: take a moment to appreciate

This is somewhat of a companion post to my post on perspective.

There are amazing things happening around us all the time. It's easy to miss them if we aren't paying attention. Today I want to talk about appreciation.

You hear a lot of talk about appreciating your family, your health, or having a job. These things are important and I certainly recommend continuing to appreciate them, but it's not the kind of appreciation I'm talking about. There's a lot of good going on around us that we often fail to even give a second thought. We need to get better at recognizing it.

When was the last time you stopped to appreciate the hot water that comes out when all you do is turn a knob? Ever stop to think about how your dishes don't chip after being thrown in the sink? Do you appreciate when your car fires up when you put your key in and turn the switch? The opportunties are endless.

It's really impressive to think about the engineering and design that has gone into making these things possible. It's also easy to forget. We're certainly quick to get mad when these things don't work as expected. The hot water comes on for years without issue and we don't appreciate it, but that one day our hot water heater fails we are furious. The same is true of the car that starts every morning, but one day comes when our starter is shot or the battery is dead and we are up in arms about how horrible our luck is. What happened to all of those other days when things worked as expected? We cast them aside as if they didn't count. It's foolish.

The things I've really grown to appreciate in recent years are the natural beauties that we are surrounded by. These are things like the sun coming up and burning off the fog from the night before, a tree as it grows and changes colors with the seasons, gazing up at the stars (I know I have a few friends who will get a kick out of this one), staring out across an ocean or lake or watching flock of geese navigate in a perfect "V".

So your life sucks, huh? You have horrible luck. Look around. It ain't so bad.


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